Ants, continued.

There were officially less ants today than yesterday. Less than a thousand is still a lot of ants. Jer’s uncle and aunt were here visiting us for a day (and made me feel WAY better after a breakdown on the couch), and have given us some good advice that we are heeding to the best of our ability.

Sawdust in the ceiling.

Supposedly, having a cedar ceiling full of insulation and no drywall between our living room and our bedroom isn’t the best idea. I guess drywall doesn’t burn, and for those of you that don’t know, cedar makes the best kindling. Seeing as we’re going to have a woodstove in our living room one day, we’re taking down the entire ceiling where Jer found the initial ants nest.

Our goal is to get the cedar down, the insulation out, and drywall up before my parents visit on the weekend of August 12th. I’m excited that we’re moving on this project (half of the ceiling has come down in the past 3 hours), but pretty bummed out that it has to be done. It’s going to cost us a couple hundred dollars (or more) and this was the part of the house that we were really hoping not to touch for a few years. However, you don’t get to choose where the ant battles rage on. Or which materials act as fire retardants and which ones go up in a flash.

As a side note, there are ants crawling around the kitchen cleaning up their dead brethren that we’ve stepped on. If these ants weren’t in my own house, they’d be pretty freaking cool. Amazing creatures. DIGGING IN MY HOUSE.

On a happier note, I’ve met a lovely lady from the Denman Spinners and Weavers Guild and hope to go spin with them either this Monday or the next. Our rhubarb has started growing again, and we have tiny tiny tiny yellow zucchinis in our farm garden. Linzy helped us reconfigure our blog, so there’s a tab at the top for our wishlist and another with a little information for visitors.

It will all be okay. Jeremy promised. And this weekend is our anniversary, so he’s REALLY not allowed to lie.

Happy anniversary to us. I’m off to step on some ants.

5 responses to “Ants, continued.

  1. ZOMG I’m soooooo glad I got to sleep on your lovely couch in your (previously) lovely living room before this shit went down… Or any ants appeared! I’m sorry things turned crazy, and am sending much love your way. Happy anniversary!

    PS. Have you ever seen the 1986 film, The Money Pit…? On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t…

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!! Sorry about the ants. Insulating is not a nice job. Neither is drywalling a ceiling. However once its done, its done!! Hope to visit this year!
    Jeremy watched the whole renovation of the farmhouse in Acton so he should be a pro!!

  3. you look hot in that tool belt Red:)

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