Chicken contest

Supposedly we bought our chickens when they were 12 weeks old. It’s likely that some were a week or two older than that. Supposedly chickens start laying around 20 weeks. This means that the ladies should brawk out their first egg on October 22nd. Or so. Jer’s bet is October 10th. I’m going with October 16th. Who wants to wager? We offer pride, honour, and maybe even a dozen eggs if you’re cute enough. Oh. And we’re not putting eggs in the mail, so you’ve got to come for a visit to collect.

4 responses to “Chicken contest

  1. oh this sounds like fun! I wager that the first egg will come October 13th…I want to win so give the chickens a scratch for me.

  2. Hey!!! JER! MY BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 10TH TOO!!!! We’re so cool I can’t even take it. My guess is Oct 18th.

  3. We’ve also got bets so far for Oct. 18 (Sarah, you have to share with Juniper. Maybe she can have the eggs and you can have the honour and pride), 27, 21 and 29.

  4. I’m gonna put my money on October 17th. Go ladies go!

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