Touche bag

Touchebags, for those of you older than 3 and not in the know, are dirty bags for mashed potatoes.  Our favourite three year old told us so.  It was pretty hard not to laugh.  He was up in this part of the world, because his mom was helping us tile set around our wood stove.  It’s amazing how fast something like a couple of tiles can change a room.  Under our stove before this transformation was a big cement board.  It was UGLY.  Now it’s all of this pretty grey (with specks of orange) slate. The same lovely lady is going to come and help us grout it next weekend, during our Thanksgiving feast fest.

We rearranged our whole kitchen this morning too.  We moved our couch porch inside, and now we have an “orange corner”.  It makes me really happy.  I’m sure some of you aren’t surprised at all.  Apologies for the photo – my computer is telling me that it’s unable to rotate it, and I want to get this post up before we go to town!

Our other big news, which I keep forgetting to mention, is that we built a new bridge!  For those of you that have visited, our old bridge was rather sketchy.  A bunch of the boards were broken, and it was the kind of thing that we probably should have gotten folks to sign waivers before they crossed.  Not anymore!  It’s lovely now, and we’re happy happy about it.

OH!  and I almost forgot!  We borrowed a truck yesterday, and a strong friend from Hornby, and moved a freezer!  A chest freezer!  Our very own chest freezer.  This means that we can start juicing the glut of apples we have, and that we can think about shooting one (or two) of those pesky deer because we have somewhere to put the meat!  It’s so very very exciting…..  We’ve updated our wish list now too, for those of you looking to get rid of things….

One response to “Touche bag

  1. woo hoo! freezers are exciting aren’t they! couldn’t imagine life without it now.

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