Springnesses and things that make me smile

It’s pretty thrilling to watch spring unfold for the first time here.  I feel way more aware; way more present in this springtime than I have in springs gone by.  Most of the springs of my 20s I spent treeplanting, and often felt like I missed the season altogether.  Spring was usually well underway when I left Victoria, yet wherever I was planting still seemed to be in the throes of a late winter.  Plus I was more interested in other things than I was in the bees coming back, or the nettles or thistles or the birds.  Spring in Bella Coola was more of an event (or many events, for the first couple were always followed by a significant spell of winter), but we were so impermanent there that I don’t know if I really took note in the same way.  We spend so much time watching here – watching and waiting – that it would be hard not to notice the change a single day can make.

This Easter weekend has been pretty glorious.  I don’t think it’s rained, and it’s been warm enough to dry out the soil in our garden and rev up our roto-tiller.  Much of the garden has been tilled in the past two days, and we’ve now got a dozen asparagus plants in, as well as peas, beets, carrots, radishes, and an assortment of other nicenesses.  Our big plum tree out back of the house is BUZZING with bees, and I can only imagine what the next couple of days will sound like if the weather stays nice.  We’ve got hummingbirds at our feeder for the first time since Bella Coola and every time I hear one buzz by I smile.  We’ve seen our first house finches this week too – the first really colourful bird we’ve seen at our feeders this year.  We’ve planted fennel, camas, lilies, day lilies, a hellebore, a rhododendron, walnut trees, cherry trees, a red currant and a marion berry, a bougainvillea, and goodness knows whatever other flowers in our house garden.  I can’t WAIT for things to start coming up and making me smile.  Really.  I. Can’t. Wait.

Jeremy made me smile the other day by hanging up our clothes line.  It makes me SO much more inclined to hang up the laundry than when we had to hang it in our loft, stooped over like a drunken hunchback in the 4 foot nothing ceiling.  It is much more lovely to hang laundry under the plum tree.  Although, I must admit, it holds nothing to hanging laundry in Bella Coola, with this for a view.  Other things that have made me smile are finished new knit socks (although the colour scheme is rather blinding), finished new knit shirts, and the prospect of starting an aran sweater for Jer for his (30th!) birthday.  Daffodils and hyacinths, and lovely visits with friends and family.  Sleeping (and eating and cooking and living!) with the windows open.

Oh!  and our incubator hasn’t hatched any chicks yet.  We keep checking – today is the day the first few were supposed to hatch, and we’re just crossing our fingers.

What’s making you smile?

3 responses to “Springnesses and things that make me smile

  1. I’m smiling for spring too! But not so much for the aching butt and legs I’ve got from too much crouching, lifting, hauling, etc. in the garden yesterday evening… There’s just so much to do!

  2. I’m on board with the spingtime smiles! I saw my first bumblebee today and was so happy that he was buzzing about our yard. That, and we did a bunch of clearing today and I unearthed a rhubard plant!! Pretty excited to see what else is going to pop out of the yard.

  3. I enjoyed your article so much. Spring here in te east is the end of the hockey season and the beginning of the baseball and biking season. The ducks have arived on our street in Kingston again, and the robins are being stalked by our cat. Alice is about 20 years old and is really good at watching and twitching her tail. The blue cilia is also in its full glory up and down the street. I drove down to Washington last week which is like a gradual drive into summer.

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