Happy dances

Happy quilt!I have a happy dance.  A friend once told me that it looks like I’m marching in the spot.  Not like a soldier march, but like a happy floozy march I think.  I did my happy dance today.  My neighbour even spotted it as a happy dance and called me out on it.  I just kept dancing.

Goat-milking coat!See, I finished my neighbour’s sweater this week.  It’s not actually really a sweater, but a coat.  A goat-milking coat.  A farm coat.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  Her husband called it druid-like, and she just might be a druid in training.  I made her a sweater, and she made us a quilt.  I did a lot of happy dances while I was making her goat-milking coat, thinking about friendly neighbours and the economy of trades, but nothing like the one I did today when I saw our quilt.

Jer's current fave squareMy current favourite square

Syrup evaporatingJer started tapping our maple trees this week.  We’re evaporating with electricity this year – the fire last year was SO much work, with the wood and the constant supervision and such.  I’ll miss the smoky taste in our syrup, but it makes a lot of sense.  We still have about 1 L of syrup left from last year, so there may be lots of french toast in our near future.

One of our other neighbours gave me a four-harness table loom a couple of weeks ago, and it’s almost exactly like my other table loom, but about 6 inches DSC_0857wider, which means I have way more options in what I want to make.  That said, I do NOT need 2 4-harness table looms, so I’m going to give away my other loom, and in order to give it away, I need to finish the weaving that’s been on it for over a year, but that was stuck in a stupid spot.  I spent about an hour last weekend un-stupidifying it, and I’m LOVING the product now.

Tomorrow I get to spend a day training with Free the Children,Our first almost ripe lemon! an NGO that works in empowering youth to create change.  They put on WE day, and because I teach leadership at our school I get to take part in the training tomorrow.  I’m super excited.  Then on Friday, my leadership group is putting on a school-wide talent show to fund raise for Habitat for Humanity.  Busy week, but it’s an exciting time at school.

Jer’s just about ready to order his first seeds of the year – he’s been pulling stumps out of the garden all week!  Spring feels like it’s on the way, and we’re ready!Our kitchen is fully painted, finally!

6 responses to “Happy dances

  1. Nice birds eye tweed! Its like the sweater pattern!

  2. Thanks! I hadn’t even thought of that – and I started it WAY before the sweater!

  3. yeahhhh. we gotta get out and see you in the spring.

  4. WOW to the all projects! You must be an incrediably busy lady, and I love what you have to show for it. May I have your life? Please?

    • Wow! What a compliment! I feel rather attached to my life and am not prepared to trade it… that said, we led a very different life only a couple of years ago, but knew what we wanted and gave up a lot (like a flush toilet, a night life, and an easy commute to work) to make it happen. I give up a clean house every day because that means I get to spend more time knitting.

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