Update on speed, but not really

So I’m going to tell you all about my quilting class and what I’m learning from it again, and how that relates to the rest of my life.

I don’t hate to sew.  I hate My quilt block!  Each star point is about 11 inches long...the mess that sewing creates in my life.  I hate the setup, and I REALLY hate the take-down.  I’m not very good at either, and I don’t have the patience for it.  It’s the same reason I will never (probably not EVER) have a clean house.  I don’t care enough.  I would rather sit and knit (or sew) than sweep under my couch, or dust my shelves.  There will just be more dust It's orange and pink and I love ittomorrow.  My sewing machine does not have a home.  That is a lie.  It does have a home.  In it’s case, in a cupboard.  When it is not there, it is sitting on the kitchen table, where it would probably sit for a month because I am too lazy (and by lazy, I mean busy knitting) to put it away.  I am even worse with the iron.  I do not own an ironing board.  My iron came from the Free Store (an institution on many of the Gulf Islands – just like a thrift store, except everything is free).  I don’t really trust it.  So I hate setting up my sewing machine, hate setting up my iron even more, and hate putting them away most of all.  I don’t need to set anything up to hand quilt.  Nothing at all.  My new handspun handknit hatMaybe I’ll have to iron every once in a while, but I’m hoping to get away from that, if I can… or maybe just convince my neighbour to do it for me.  Although I’ve been told it’s not called “ironing”, but “pressing”… both sound like work to me.  I like the sewing part.

I feel like a bit of an imposter right now.  I’ve always thought that I hated to sew, kind of like the way I hated cats.  Now I’m the one that’s asking Jer if we can get a new kitten, because Ozdick, I think, has found a new forever home and may never ever come back.  Boo.

I’m going to finish knitting Jer’s socks this week, but this is supposed to be a farm blog and maybe ya’ll want to know some farmy news.

We finished collecting maple sap today – the trees haven’t been running for a little while, so we took out the spigots and are boiling down the last of our sap.  So far we’ve made about 8 litres, and we’ve got at least another 4 or 5, so we’re The wrath of Ponyboy when one of his ladies is "attacked"hoping to sell some syrup this year.  We’re starting to see evidence of some of the bulbs we planted shortly after my birthday and promptly forgot about – tulips and alliums and daffodils.  The daffodils look like they’re getting ready to bloom, and the nettles are starting to grow like stink everywhere we look!  We’re hard at work digging post holes around the house to put in a fenceClipped chicken's wing so I can grow flowers, and today we clipped our chicken’s wings so they stop flying over our fence and eating all of our garlic, but Jer got pecked by Ponyboy in the kerfuffle.  Whew!  Update on speed!

Happy family day ya’ll!

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