How to make a burpy baby

Future ramsI’ve been sick all week.  Not sick enough to stay home, just sick enough to be miserable, especially on the super sunny days when I should have been outside but wasn’t.  Jer, on the other hand, took full advantage of tMamas watching Kerri feed the lamb airhe sunshine and optimistically planted greens, spinach, peas, and radishes outside (a day after there was snow 10 km north of here).  Today I was feeling much better and we went a’vistin’.  First we went to see some local sheep farmers for research and lambie cuddling.  I’ve never bottle fed anything before (or at least not in my adult life) and may have let the poor little lamb suck air wNow the milk is flowing!hile I posed for the camera.  oops!  We learned lots about a couple different sheep breeds and even something about prolapsed vaginas.  yum! not really…

Next we had tea and cake with our neighbours who always seem to have cake at the ready.  Great neighbours!

Jer’s first seed package arrived this week.  It has our farm name written all over it, including on each individual seed packets!  It makes me feel Soooo official.  Watch out guys, we’re like real farmers now.Serious farmers!

This week at work we did a belated secret cupid gift exchange.  Everyday I gave and received a small treat.  I got to know more about two of my colleagues and felt spoiled even while I felt sick.  It was lovely.Time to go play with my friends

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  2. Sickness and all, your life sounds wonderful. I love reading your blog!

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