The birds and the fish and the ways they make babies

One of my best friends drove Jeremy back to me on Friday (he went down to Victoria for Farmer2Farmer – a farming convention) with her very-nearly-5-year-old son.  The 4 of us (5 with Mia) went to the North end of the island to Morning Beach Park to check out the birds and the beach after the herring spawn of the past coDSC_1033uple of weeks.  Supposedly this is one of the bigger herring spawn in recent memory – it was crazy seeing the big fishing boats filled to capacity, water almost going over their decks.  The water was beautifully milky.  Beautiful, until you realize that it’s milky because of the fish jizz in the water.  Beautiful, until you think about the future smell.  I remember how bad the east side of the island smelled for MONTHS last year after the herring spawn… and this year there were fish on both sides of the island, and way more of them.  I’m not looking forward to the upcoming stench.

Eagle part 2.That said, Saturday was lovely.  There were hundreds and hundreds of birds down at the beach.  The eagles were mating (did you know that birds mate in the air and that the ladies have to fly upside down to make it happen?  I didn’t until last year, around this time… you should definitely watch eagles doing it Eagle in tree watching eagles gallivanting to matesometime) and chasing away the seagulls.  We must have seen a hundred eagles.  It was spectacular.  And then we had cider and we were all sleepyheads all afternoon.  I ended up reading the aforementioned 5 year old “Oh, the Places You’ll Go“, one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, and started worrying that I spend too much time trying to get through busy periods, only to realise that another bout of insanity is upon me.  The past couple of weeks have been SO full of marking for me, and now report cards are smack on top of my head.  Last week was really hard without having Jer around – there’s simply a lot of things to do around the place when I’m away from home for 10 or 11 hours a day.  Mia certainly wasn’t very happy for a couple of days.  Spring break is less than 2 weeks away, and my hope is that next term has fewer weeks of just getting through, and more weeks of enjoying my time with my students and my home.

Aforementioned 5 year oldI haven’t gotten much knitting or quilting or weaving done lately, although I do have a couple of projects that should be completed in the next week or two, my very first quilt being one of them.  Pictures will come soon!  However, we did get some fencing done last weekend, and I can show you pictures of that.  We also did go over to our neighbours’ this weekend, for a fantastical birthday cake that I made (I, as in not Jeremy, for any of you who have ever become confused over who bakes the cakes in this house), and I have a picture of that too.
We're ready! Fence pulling time! Birthday cake extravaganza!

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