Carrot revolution

I’ve been meaning to write all weekend but I kept getting busy doing other things (I do realize that it’s not, technically, the weekend, but I’m FINALLY on spring break so I get 2 full weeks of weekends and I’m going to enjoy every single one like it’s a Sunday).  Jer and I spent a bunch of Sunday digging carrots so that we could get our potatoes in the ground.  We planted the carrots late, kind of as an experiment to see how they’d do in the ground all winter.  They didn’t grow as much as we would have liked, and they certainly got more wormy than we would have liked… but at the end of our digging session, we walked away with 12 pounds of good carrots and we juiced another 10 pounds or so… I was astonished with how many of the things we pulled out of the ground.  We haven’t bought carrots all winter, and we eat them several times a week.  I hadn’t really thought about this until we were digging them.  I mentioned this to Jer, and he told me that he hoped that we’d never buy carrots again.

I did a double take when he said this.  I’m still doing a double take now.  I can’t imagine never buying carrots again.  Never buying carrots again is a big statement.  That’s more than a couple of 10 foot rows in your backyard, which I have a huge amount of respect for, but that’s not what Jer’s talking about.  And as I look at our garden, and see the space we’re planting, and especially as I look back at pictures of what our place used to look like, I can’t help but know we’ve made the right choice.  Sure, commuting to work sucks.  I had a hard couple of weeks at work, and I’ve been so exhausted that I can’t sleep.  I didn’t even have the energy to seed flowers on Saturday.  Jer set up the hammock in the sunshine and I had a mini-nap.  But I regained my soul on Sunday digging revolutionary carrots.

As a total aside, but a thought I wanted to put out there, I was given the opportunity to go to the wave pool on Friday with all of the grade 7 students at my school. I was super hesitant to get in the pool – I just wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get into a bathing suit in front of everyone.  My teaching partner asked if I was going swimming, and when he heard the hesitation in my voice, he told me that it was really important I get in.  After all, he said, how are the girls supposed to learn positive body-image if no one ever teaches it to them?  Lots of teachers have gone swimming with their students this week.  None of the grade 3 teachers, all female, got in the water.  That’s sad.  I went swimming with my class and had a blast.  And maybe a couple of the teenage girls realized that it’s way more fun to go down the waterslide than to stress about whether your mascara is running, and maybe they didn’t, but at least they had the chance to see it in action.

** I know there’s no pictures.  I know that’s boring.  If you want to come and upload my pictures onto my computer, you’re more than welcome.  Otherwise, don’t whine.  I’ll post some soon.


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