Off my needles, and a bird heavy (but not heavy bird) post

It’s been a busy time, what with a trip to Calgary over spring break and the arrival of spring while we were gone.  We left when spring was on the horizon and returned to hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and blossoms.  Plus, I’m sailing at school, Jeremy’s decided to catch a rotten cold and has had the decency not to give it to me in full, but to shove it down my throat and encourage it to stay there.  So I’ve had a frog in my throat for a week.  But yes.  We drove to Calgary, the weather was delightful, seeing family and friends was stupendous, and I regained my soul.  Poof! and there it was.  It came back after about 1240 km, and a lot of dog snuggles, and a couple of days of going to bed at 8.  The drive was quite spectacular, especially because Jeremy doesn’t mind driving, and 24 hours of driving therefore equates to approximately 21.4 hours of knitting for me.  YAY!

There’s a well-known practice amongst knitters to bring projects that are stuck, not for being too difficult, but for being annoying, or slow, or boring, or lackluster in whatever way, onto airplanes.  Airplanes are ideal times for knitting – it’s not like you’d want to look out your window or talk to your neighbour (I actually like to do both – I’m one of THOSE people on airplanes – and knit at the same time) – and if you only bring 1 project, as long as it’s a project you won’t finish before you get off the plane, even if you’re stuck on the runway for 8 hours, you will knit it.  You will knit a lot of it.  And you may even get close enough to finishing that you keep calm and knit on until you DO finish it and then you’ll be so pleased that you did.  Sometimes, at least.  That’s how it was with my Beatnik.  And now it’s done.  I didn’t quite finish it in the car (I KNOW I wasn’t on a plane.  I was making a point.  Please stop correcting me, you sound like one of my students), but I made EXCELLENT progress, I decided to knit full sleeves instead of 3/4, and it’s done, and it’s yellow, and I believe, come fall, or even cool summer evenings, it will be an important part of my wardrobe.

I also finished another shawl, as a demo for the lace knitting class I’m teaching in October, a new hat for Jeremy (which he promptly burnt a hole in on Saturday when we burned all of our branches.  Insert sad face here.), and am working on a new pair of socks for me and another lace shawl.  I ALSO finished my very first quilt and it’s beautiful and I love it and if you’re a fancy quilter and you think it sucks then you can shove it.  That was rude.  I’m sorry.  But not really.

However, I promised you a bird heavy, but not heavy bird post too.  So here’s the news of the birds:

1) we bought 10 baby chicks (red rocks and americaunas I think) on Friday.  We don’t know how many will prove to have the bits required to lay eggs.  We’ll keep some of them, and some will go to Jeremy’s ma.  They’re cuddly and cute and adorable, not like the chicken we hatched ourselves which is now a half-feathered ugly teenager.

2) On Saturday we found a orange-crowned warbler on our porch – it must have flown into a door.  It’s quite sad for the first warbler one sees in a year to be dead, however it was pretty cool to get to look at it up close.  This is the first time we’ve found a bird that’s flown into a window and I sure hope it doesn’t happen again…

3)  On Sunday a hummingbird flew INTO our house, and we caught it in a fishing net in one of our skylights.  It scared the stink out of me when it flew out of my hand.

3 bird stories, all about tiny birds.

And now for the garden… it’s been working crazy hard lately – every day when I come home there seems to be new big news – another 100 strawberry plants, 300 tomatoes in pots, radishes up, potatoes in, artichokes up, asparagus growing, rhubarb harvested (that’s right!  we’re harvesting rhubarb, and I just got Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook, and I made the rhubarb hamantaschen in it, which is similar to this hamantaschen, but better, and it was AMAZING) lettuce, salad, spinach, mustard… you name it.  It’s in the ground.  Our garden has grown by a good 20% this year, and we keep cutting down trees to clear new space.  We’ve fixed our gates again because deer were starting to get in, and hopefully we will be eating our strawberries this year, not them.  We’re in the middle of getting our CSA customer list dialed, so if you’re interested, let us know!


2 responses to “Off my needles, and a bird heavy (but not heavy bird) post

  1. your quilt is gorgeous!!!

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