An apology to those of you who know teachers but who are not one yourself

My teaching partner gave me a couple of bottles of beer and a bottle of wine last week. He said that I could have the wine all to myself, but the beer was to share w/ Jer, because in June teachers need to apologize to their co-workers partners who aren’t teachers.  Our houses go to shit.  Our lives go to shit.  We stop being patient and attentive partners (and parents too I’m sure).  We don’t do laundry or the dishes.  We don’t cook dinner or lunch or breakfast.  I feel like I’m lucky right now to remember to brush my teeth.  June is crazy time, and I’m crazy.  The mink attacks didn’t help, nor did not knowing what I’m teaching next year.

We were hanging out at our weekly domino date last night with our neighbours, and our sweetest and smallest neighbour had a bit of a melt-down, initiated by the bonking of her head on a hard wooden stool.  The melt-down seemed to continue (and to crest in it’s magnitude) when she was encouraged to put her shoes on so she could walk home.  Shoes?!  How dare you!  Cry, scream, cry, mom, dad, cry, cry…

That’s kind of how I feel these days.  It starts innocent enough.  I come home, I ask what’s for dinner, Jeremy says new potatoes, I ask where the bread is, he says he was digging potatoes so didn’t have time to put it in the oven, and I cry and scream and punch pillows.  I may even have thrown a pillow.  Jeremy said that he saw my 2-year old self in my pout yesterday.  That began a new rage, of course.  I miss my patient, controlled self.  That is not to say that I am patient, nor controlled.  I am neither, but I have the capacity to be a hell of a lot more of both than I am right now, and that’s what I miss.  So while I am not really looking forward to July in the way that everyone thinks I must be (I love my job and I love my kids and I don’t want them to go anywhere.  I want to teach them forever and ever and ever because they’re MINE.), I am looking forward to regaining a modicum of sanity.  And so is Jer.  I think the beer helped though.  Doesn’t it always?

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