Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

Photo post

I didn’t know what summer vacation would feel like this year – the end of the school year was really hard on me.  I didn’t want to change schools, jobs, classrooms, or my teaching partner.  I loved my job this year and loved the job I was doing and I didn’t want any of it to change… the last week of school SUCKED.  I don’t remember much of June.  I kind of thought that it may take me 2 weeks to get back to any semblance of normality.  But then a couple of friends from Vancouver showed up, and a couple of burgers, a couple of drinks, and a couple of lake swims later and there I was.  Normal and relaxed.  I LOVE summer.  Summer is awesome.  I love farming and knitting and reading.  I get to lie in my hammock and I don’t have to feel guilty about it.  I get to walk my dog and go to the beach and have tea and cake and cookies with my neighbours.  I get to bake hand-pies instead of harvesting for market, and then sell them at the market and not eat enough of them because they all sold.  I get to wear summer dresses and stay up late and go out on week nights.  Summer is awesome.  Here’s some photographic evidence.