Obscene weather and a family promotion

We have a little book that was given to us by Jeremy’s aunt last Christmas.  It’s a 5-year journal – every day of the year is on a different page, and there are 5 sections for each day… it’s a great thing for farmers, as we are essentially creating our own almanac.  We’ve been writing in it for over a year now (we started on Jan. 1st of 2013), and it’s lovely to read about things that happened a year ago.  Like the salad bed sprouting.  A year ago.  Today.

There’s still snow on the ground.  There is no salad bed, inside or out.  We had crocuses in bloom 10 days ago.  Now everything is covered in snow.  Still.  But at least our temperature is not obscene.  I was in Calgary on the weekend for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, and it was incredible to reconnect with family and to spend time getting to know relatives whose names I’ve been hearing for years, but who I wouldn’t be able to find on the family tree… it was a lovely visit even though the high for Saturday was -25.  The low was -33.  The low, including wind-chill was -44.  Now I know that some of you still live in winter climates, but that’s obscene and ridiculous and I was not prepared, and I am happy to be back to the rain, even if it’s grey and not raining enough, proven by the snow that’s still on the ground.

So there was a lot of snow.  So much of it, in fact, that a tree that we had presumed to be healthy and strong and long-lasting fell down on my cousin’s van.  This happened when Jer was in Ontario, and I was home by myself, on a snow day.  I went to my neighbour’s with pictures, asking for advice.  There was no advice to be given as there’s not much to do except wait until the snow stops falling to assess the damage.  It seems that there wasn’t too much damage, but he’s a really lovely fellow who lives his life in an incredible way (he’s off working on a sailboat in Europe right now and is flying home in the next couple of weeks in the hopes of selling this van, and now he’s going to have to get a new sunroof for it, for the previous sunroof is in a million trillion pieces all over the front seats), and he’s trying to release his first solo studio album, and if you had a couple of dollars to send his way, that’d be awesome.  He’d use it well.  Plus, he makes lovely music.


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