And that, my friends, is a wrap

That, my dear friends, was a doozie of a farming season.  The last farmer’s market was yesterday; our last CSA box went out on Tuesday.  We just harvested the last of the corn and tomatoes to process for winter, and the last of the peppers and eggplant will be done this week.  The farm is ready for bed, and, to be honest, so are we.  We took on a lot this year, what with our farm expansion and my Masters taking me away for the month of July in addition to a lot of weekends and many of my spare moments.  I feel like I truly became a farmer florist this year, and while we surpassed a lot of our goals for the year, it came at a price.  There wasn’t much of August that felt like a holiday, and we’re both pretty exhausted.  That said, I was out this morning listening to the birds, watching the dragonflies and enjoying the sunshine on dewy spiderwebs, and I didn’t feel tired.  I felt pretty darn grateful for the season we had, and for the beauty I too often forget to enjoy.  Here’s a few of my favourite pictures from the past few months, both on our farm, and out on the ocean.

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