The end of the chasm?

It’s amazing the way that hours and hours of sitting in front of a computer to write a thesis can put one into a blogless chasm of writing.  Actually, maybe that’s not amazing.  Maybe that’s quite standard, par for the course, regular, normal stuff.  Either way, my thesis was approved almost a month ago, and here we are, after our first market of the season, and it looks like our “website” is pretty… well… outdated.  Not cool Kerri, not cool.  This isn’t to say that I haven’t thought about writing many times, because I have.

CleoI thought about telling you when I hatched out baby chicks in my class, and especially when the humidity in the incubator got all wonky when I took it home on the last weekend, and, in so doing, pretty much drowned half of the almost fully formed chicks in their own mucous… I’m sure you wanted to hear about that.  We got 12 chicks, and they’re adorable, and have been given names such as CleoIago, Pingu, Iago, Boots, and Sox.  On other small bird (both less, and more small), I also thought about letting you know about the tiny nest of Bewick wrens in my toolbelt, which was hanging in the tractor shed… I thought about telling you how the eggs were the size of a tiny jelly bean, and that the three birds were the Pingusmallest creatures with the biggest mouths I’ve ever seen.  I also thought about telling you when I saw twin baby eagles in their nest… especially when, while looking through binoculars, I saw one of them wiggle their bums at Jeremy, and then let go the most amazing projectile poop.  It was spectacular.  It would have shot clean across my house.  I would not be surprised if people started betting on how far a baby eagle could poop.  Seriously.  I wonder how much poop there ended up being in my tool belt.  I wonder if the wrens even tried to projectile poop out.  Hrm…


I also thought of writing to you when I finished Rainbow socksknitting some beautiful things.  I’ve knit lots of beautiful things.  I dream of knitting more beautiful things.  I always dream of knitting beautiful things.

Over the winter, I thought about introducing you to some of the other new critters with whom we share our time.  Minstrel is a ginger cat who came to hang Minstrelout with us in the month of January, supposedly for a month.  He’s still here, and he’s a snuggly poofball.  I don’t think we could have asked for two hairier pets… Also, Ferdinand the rooster came to live with us over the winter.  He’s named after FerdinandFerdinand the bull, and he’s lovely and kind and beautiful.  I like him.  I like him a lot.  In March, two hives of bees came to live with us too.  I thought about telling you about how bees are like Jeremy’s knitting.  I thought about telling you when some of the bees swarmed and we caught them, or when we cut out some queen cells to give to a friend, or when some of the lady bees started coming back neon yellow because they were collecting broom pollen, or when the honey started tasting like rose because of the wild roses in bloom.

New bees

New beekeeper

Swarm of bees

Swarm in hive

I thought about telling you about the trips – those to Tofino, or the interior, or the car disasters that happened en route.  I’m not going to even go into those events, because they’re not very farmy.  I’ll leave you with this, and hopefully we’ll be in touch again soon!

West coast instrument




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  1. Glad you are back!!! This is important too!!!

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