Come Visit!

We love visitors!  Here are a couple of things to consider before you make the journey!

If you’re coming to stay and bringing a motor vehicle, it’s probably best if you leave it up at the road, near the top of the very steep driveway.  There’s a little parking lot there, and a path down to the house.  Follow the oyster shells!

Our property is somewhat (or maybe completely, depending on the time of year) overgrown with nettles and other sharp and prickly things (like thistles and holly). Please keep this in mind when selecting clothing to bring along for your visit, especially your footwear.  It’s also quite wet in the late fall, winter, and early spring (1 of the 2 seasons on the coast – wet and not-wet), so rubber boots are always a bonus.

Living on a small island without a supermarket, food that we don’t produce ourselves is an expensive  part of our lives. If you’re coming for more than a night, it’d be great if you could bring the makings of  meal (or several). Also, if you could give us a call close to your arrival to find out if we have any pressing grocery needs, we’d appreciate it!

We have a spare bed now, but as Miss P gets older, she will be spending more and more time in that bed.  We’re working on making other accommodations for visitors, but, for now, we’ve got a pretty lovely bedroom available!

We have electricity and running hot water (and wifi!), and a lovely outdoor toilet with gorgeous view of a fern gully for your enjoyment.

Part of the appeal of our home is the abundance of wildlife, including many deer.  If you bring your dog along, consider this fair warning that the deer can be very enticing.  We also have chickens, so if your dog has a high prey drive, you may want to reconsider.  We like our chickens, probably more than we like your dog if he or she tries to eat them.  We have a dog as well, who likes to bark at visitors.  She’s big and barks loudly, and is becoming more protective since the arrival of Miss P, but she’ll love you forever (or at least until you leave and come back) if you pet her… 5 minutes after you arrive, once she’s realized you’re not a threat.  If you’re cycling to our house, please dismount and walk down the driveway not to frighten her.

We hope this doesn’t put you off.  We really appreciate everyone who has come so far and can’t wait for all the folks we love to be able to share our home with us.  See you soon!

2 responses to “Come Visit!

  1. Is your invitation to visitors limited to those you know? I would of course understand if so, but thought I’d ask. I happened upon your blog a few years ago and have always wondered. Your place sounds and looks incredible.

    Kristen from Seattle

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