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What people do for fun

The lovely folks at Sandstone Farm, who grew the wool for Jeremy’s sweater, have hosted an island garlic taste-off 3 years running.  We were lucky enough to get invited this year, with our garlic and our fine selves.  There were 11different garlic being sampled over the course of the evening, all raw.  Today we were all stinky and smelly, although I didn’t feel as disgusting as I thought I might.  Jer’s brother came to the tasting with us, and it was one of my favourite evenings of the entire summer.  Good (and less good) wine, awesome people, and fantastic food – garlic and otherwise.

Pre-tasting treat

Blind taste-test


Smells like? Very scientific

Last garlic of the night - simmered in wine, covered in chocolate.  Delicious!Our garlic, by the way, came in 3rd place.  It may have fared better had Jer and I not scored it so low… it was the most powerful of all, and pretty much knocked your socks off.  I’m really happy that we didn’t have one of the sissy garlics, and am actually quite proud of this one, even if it wasn’t my favourite.

Chicken contest

Supposedly we bought our chickens when they were 12 weeks old. It’s likely that some were a week or two older than that. Supposedly chickens start laying around 20 weeks. This means that the ladies should brawk out their first egg on October 22nd. Or so. Jer’s bet is October 10th. I’m going with October 16th. Who wants to wager? We offer pride, honour, and maybe even a dozen eggs if you’re cute enough. Oh. And we’re not putting eggs in the mail, so you’ve got to come for a visit to collect.