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Off my needles, and a bird heavy (but not heavy bird) post

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It’s been a busy time, what with a trip to Calgary over spring break and the arrival of spring while we were gone.  We left when spring was on the horizon and returned to hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and blossoms.  Plus, … Continue reading

Gates and fish poo

I have a fantastic job.  I really don’t think I could have a better job.  I teach a very sweet, kind, and funny group of 12-14 year olds.  They’re not mean or rude and most of them really like me and like our class.  I don’t know if I could have lucked out more than I did.  That said, after having 2 weeks at home full of sleeping in, relaxed morning coffee, and then work around the house and farm, it sure was hard to go back.  It’s easy to forget how lovely your actual job is when it takes just over an hour to get there and an hour to get back, when you could go to work on your farm and it would really only take stepping outside to get there.  So it was a bit of a hard week.  Getting up in the morning is definitely the hardest part, but the first week is over, and there’s only something like 12 or 13 weeks left until this job is up, I’m unemployed and will be BEGGING for someone to get me out of bed at 6:00 am as long as it means I have a job.

Because I spend so much time away from home during the week, I guard my weekends and don’t give them up for much.  I don’t usually like to leave the island.  I don’t usually want to go ANYWHERE.  However, when there’s a rally against oil tankers leaving our west coast to go to China, I feel compelled to attend.  I feel a lot differently about oil than I did 5 or 6 or 10 years ago.  I spend over an hour in my car every day and we do not live in a plastic-free household, although I often wish we did.  We use the stuff, more than we should, and less than a lot of other North-Americans.  That said, we need to check our dependance on the dirty black goo and sending tankers that are a quarter mile long to China sure isn’t a good way to do that.  Tankers are, in my honest opinion, really freaking scary, and it doesn’t matter how much mitigating Enbridge does, there’s always the chance of an accident.  SO, long story short, Jer and I went over to show our un-support.  And while we were there, we picked up this.  2 cubic yards of fish mulch.  A big, big pile of lovely beautiful black fertilizer.  We spent a lot of today getting it out of the truck, 1 wheelbarrow at a time.  There were just over 20 wheelbarrows full.  Pretty awesome.

In other news, we bottled a batch of beer this week.  We tried to bottle our blackberry wine, but it’s still fermenting a little, and I don’t want a bubbly wine.  I want a smooth wine.  So that’ll be another few weeks.  We also candled our eggs that have been in the incubator, to see whether it looks like any chicks are developing.  Some of the eggs look like they may have a bacterial infection, but I think the plan is to just leave them for now, and we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully none of them explode into a disgusting, stinky mess.  Jer built a beautiful gate this week out of an old fence that fell down, and we put it up today.  We still have 1 more to build, but it’s pretty low on the list.  This one makes me really happy.

Spring keeps coming in earnest, even though the weather sure hasn’t been cooperating (it SNOWED again yesterday!  April fools!  Except it wasn’t a joke.  Really.).  We keep finding new daffodils all through the forest, and we picked our first bouquet this week.  Earlier in the week, when Jer went to go check out the dead deer in a far corner of the property (we think it was hit by a car – it’s been there over a week now, and is getting pretty special looking and smelling), he found these white flowers too.  Cow parsnip?  Anyone know for sure?  There’s a million of them, and they’re growing in a swampy marsh.  We didn’t touch them in case they are cow parsnip, which burns your skin.  Not nice.  Regardless, the flowers are really pretty and there are a million of them.

Ramming in those posts…

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.  It was the perfect blend of productivity and play.  Two of my all-time favourite people were here for a couple days helping out with the fence, and while one of them went off on her very first date EVER, her 4 year old son and I got to bake cookies.  It made me reminisce about baking buns with my grandma.  When it stopped raining, we went outside and continued progress on the fence – we’ve got about 250 feet of fence up and stapled to posts (no easy task, as I’m sure anyone who’s put up fence before can tell you), so we’ve got about 410 feet left to go.  I don’t know how that sounds to you, but I’m impressed.  I thought it was going to take a whole weekend to get the posts tamped in and the fence in place.  I didn’t want to be a negative pessimistic ninny, but I was pretty sure we weren’t going to have our fence up until August, after the deer had eaten everything we’d planted and everything we’d even thought about planting.  I was trying to be realistic and not get ahead of myself with how long this was going to take – I didn’t want to be disappointed when I was eating greens from someone else’s garden again in the summer.  But I promise you, the fence will be in place WAY before August.  And it will have gates, and it will do it’s job, and I don’t care what you say about it.  So there.

We had some local friends over for dinner last night, so there were 2 male munchkins about the place – a nearly 4 year old, and a 7 year old.  Now I know we could go on forever and ever about gender stereotyping, but I really do think that boys have more kinetic energy than girls, in general.  I know I liked to play with the boys growing up, but I also liked to read my book in peace and quiet.  These boys… well… I guess if we end up having a couple of boys, we’re going to have to build a separate house with no furniture, because our couches certainly can’t withstand the jumpingesses and throwingnesses and insanity.  I will certainly have to get used to it myself.

Oh.  And if anyone wants to come nail in some fence staples, or pull on a come-along, or pull fence around posts over the next couple of weeks, your help will be much appreciated.  If you can’t come until August, the fence will be up, but you can help to weed vegetables, because the deer won’t be eating them.

Why are the apples slimy?

This was the question I asked Jeremy the other night, when I went to grab an apple off our porch.  We’ve got a glut of apples right now, and they keep better in the coolness of outside.  Except they don’t.  Because the deer eat them.  So the apples were all slimy because the deer had been gumming them with their big ruminant lips, licking them with their long giraffe-like tongues, and biting them with those ridiculous mashers of theirs.  And not only the apples, but the potatoes and carrots too.  We’ve since covered all of the vegetables on the porch, and I was thinking about leaving one out covered in cayenne pepper.   Jer doesn’t think it would deter them one bit.

It’s been an exciting couple of days.  A friend came over and helped us pick the majority of the hazelnuts from our 4 trees, and they’re up drying in our loft now.  We should be able to get a freezer this week or next, and then we’ll be able to keep them fresh all year!

We also had our first significant power outage, and it was fun at first, and then it got boring.  It lasted almost 30 hours, and luckily Jer had started a pot of soup on the stove in the morning before it went out.  But it came back on yesterday, and our dehydrator’s going full bore again, and today we’re going to start making pickles.  We’re going to ferment as many as we can in our biggest bowl, and we’ll can the rest.  And then we’ll judge them fastidiously, and decide what to do for next year.

We ordered our turkey for Thanksgiving Feast yesterday.   The man we’re buying it off of doesn’t kill the birds himself – we’ve got to do that.  And pluck it and gut it and everything.  So we’re going to pick it up 2 or 3 days before our feast, and do our best to get all the feathers out!  I think this means it’s officially fall.


Things that make me smile and things that make me swear

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Things that have, very recently, made me swear like a treeplanter: stepping on a thumbtack and getting it stuck in the ball of my foot walking into our farm with abe the babe and seeing fresh deer droppings everywhere realizing … Continue reading