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Raccoons are not my friends.

Life got hard around here for a little bit during the cold snap – the ugly things got uglier (our pipes burst, so we had no water for close to a week, and so on), but we muscled through.  Some of the beasties didn’t make it through so well though.  As in a lot of the beasties.

As you may remember, we got ducks.  3 of them – a drake and 2 hens.  They ran away, and then came back.  Then one of them, the pretty one I picked for her looks and not her smarts, got eaten, probably by a raccoon.  So we got a new one, and our other hen ran away again, so we were back to 2.  Then our old hen came back and our new one got eaten.  So we were back to 2.  Long story short, 2 became 1 became none.  I feel like a bad duck owner.  I feel like a bad take-carer-of-my-flock.  So we’re not getting any more animals until we’re more prepared.

Millicent seems to be doing a little better.  She laid something that was a mixture between an egg and a half-cooked-egg-white.  I never saw it, but Jer said it was GROSS.  Kinda like after birth.  You probably didn’t need to know that.  Anyways, she’s been laying in the nest now, and although her eggs still aren’t hard, they’re edible now and hopefully she’s got her weirdness out.  However, half of Fred and George (Frorge?  Gred?)  is NOT doing well.  She may have the flu.  I think she does have the flu.  She huddles herself into a ball and we actually brought her in for a night.  She’s having a tough time, and we’ll see how it goes, but we may end up ‘putting her out of her misery’ soon… sad.  Totally.  But she’s pretty sad right now.  So we’ll see what we can do.

As for happy things, our garlic is coming up, seedy Saturday was a lot of fun, and our water pipe is 100% buried now.  Our maple trees have sapped out close to 400L of sap now (coffee made with sap isn’t awesome.  Tea, oatmeal, soup, and pasta made with sap?  TOTALLY AWESOME), and we’ve got about 4 L of actual syrup, and another 4 or 5 are close.  Our blackberry wine that we started this summer is in it’s (hopefully) final racking, and is lovely and strong.  AND I’m almost done knitting another pair of socks.  Yay!


The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:  We got ducks!  2 hens and a drake (wikipedia says a female duck can be called either a duck, or a hen)!  The bad: They escaped from their pen the day we got them in the middle of a weird hail/snow storm.  The good: I thought like a duck and found them waddling in the stream!  The ugly: The prettiest one got eaten by a raccoon.  We think. hickens I didn’t see the remnants.  I don’t want to talk about it.  We’re watching our c VERY carefully, and we got a new duck (I haven’t even met her yet!) but our other lady duck was not interested in being fenced, and we think that she may have walked down the road to our neighbours.  We hope to find her tomorrow.  We hope that she comes back to us, and that the other 2 don’t get eaten.  We hope.  We’re doing our best.  And we’re very sorry to the dead duck.  She was pretty and she was the one that I picked and I’m sad.

The good: (this was me purposefully changing the subject – just go with it, k?) We tapped a bunch of maple trees!  The better: The trees are running like CRAZY!  We’ve probably collected 200 L of sap, which will only make something silly like 5 litres of syrup, but that’s still 5 litres of syrup!  The bad: do you know how long it takes to boil 200 litres down to 5 litres?   A long time.  And a lot of wood.  Plus, the sap is still collecting.  But we caught up a little bit, because it ran more slowly when it got cold.

The good: SNOW!  The bad: SNOW!!!  The ugly: Our pipes are currently frozen.  Jer’s out pouring hot water on them.  I hope they don’t crack.  Hope with me, will you?

The good: We had lovely visitors from Ontario – a friend of Jer’s who runs a CSA in Ontario, and her daughter, and they slept on our double bed and pronounced it “almost TOO comfy”.  I love friends, new and old.

Pictures next time.  Of the ducks (including the dead one before she was deaded), the syrup, and some new shirts from a lovely lovely lovely friend.