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Spring break to spring and back again

Last spring break we went to Calgary.  We went with our dog, and we drove, and it was awesome.  We listened to books on tape, and drove from almost spring to winter back to spring, which was fully, 100% upon us when we returned.  Spring break was earlier this year, and winter was longer, and it was harder to get away.  There were some hardnesses this winter.  But we decided to get away regardless.  This year we got away to Portland.  It was amazing. We drove to spring and came back to almost spring.  It was the perfect urban foodie holiday.  We drank beer and cider and margaritas and fancy cocktails.  We ate amazing food.  We hiked up a hill to overlook the city.  We got sun on our faces.  We hung out with friends in the city.  And we came home tired and rested and ready for 1 more week of spring break.