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The prettiest thing in the garden

Someone asked me for photos.  Here she is.

She deserves a vignette

Scabby's blind eye

We had this weird plant in our garden growing all winter.  We knew it was a perennial, but some of the flowers we grew last year weren’t all that spectacular, and this one was doing so darn well that we kind of assumed it was one of those – something we didn’t really like that was going to take over the garden and we were going to have to spend years and years getting rid of it.

Then it Sweet williamstarted to bloom and it’s the prettiest thing in our garden right now.  Plus, it’s often covered in butterflies.  It’s called Sweet William and I like it a lot.

Someone came by to buy Truckasaurus today.  We’ve had Bets, our new truck, for about 5 weeks now, and we’re finally ready to sell the big guy.  As long as his frame isn’t completely rusted through, he should be gone this weekend.  It feels like the end of an era… I kind of felt like a farmer when I drove that truck.  Granted, I also felt like I was destroying the planet, but it’s okay to do IMG_0215that as long as I feel a little bit guilty, right?  I mean, monster trucks are okay as long as we contemplate how not okay they are, right?  Regardless of whether Truckasaurus, and the dinosaur bones that he consumes, are okay, it still makes me sad to think of him being gone.  I don’t know if I’ve ever really loved a vehicle the way I love him… I guess he’s just more truck than I was used to.  Anyways, I wish him all of the dinosaur bones he can eat, except maybe I hope that’s not very many.