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The things we do, or don’t do, for education

I’m living in Nanaimo right now, doing the residency portion of my Masters.  One of the first friends I made on the coast just coined that term – residency – and I think it’s especially apt because Jeremy’s aunt Susan recently spent some time in Lantzville doing a residency of her own.  Anyways, here I am, only 100 km or so from my real home, living in this cute but fake home, and feeling pretty far away from home sometimes, especially right now because I have two special and amazing and really spectacular friends who are going through something (one is wearing a neckbrace, and one is going to be wearing a dress that would typically be white, but I don’t know if hers is going to be, and she’s wearing it all the way over in Bali, so I won’t find out unless I ask her pointedly or wait to see the pictures), and I wish I could be there for both of them, but I can’t really be there for either of them because I’m here, questioning the entire education system (like reading!  READING!  I’m questioning whether we actually need to teach all of the people, all over the world to read, especially when that education comes at the cost of losing one’s culture and traditional knowledge.  I know, crazy.  Watch this film), which I’ve been questioning for a while, but I’m questioning it in different ways than I have before, and that’s good too, but maybe not quite as fun as watching someone wear a white or not-white dress say nice things to and about someone wearing something that’s probably not-a-white dress, and then having that other person say nice things to and about them, and then toasting the things they said afterwards.

This is where you pause to take a breath.  That was one sentence.  Actually, that was 3 sentences, but the first two sentences were of normal length.  The other sentence was a little more lengthy, but I like it, and I’m not changing it, but you should take a breath if you didn’t while reading that sentence.  Just a thought.  Oh, and yes, there were sentences in my parentheses… but those don’t count.

And while my masters (especially this course) may be more “fun” than supporting a friend who’s wearing a neckbrace, she probably isn’t having very much fun and could probably use any kind of not boring loneliness I had to offer (I read recently that loneliness was as bad for you as smoking.  Go get yourself a dog or a cat or a fish lonely people!  Or a person, but you should probably ask them before you “get” them.).

Anyways, I wish the two people I love who are going through these things luck and happiness and unloneliness.  I love you both.