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The benefits of peer pressure

It rained on Saturday.  All day long.  It was pretty sucky.  It was the first weekend that Jer and I had both been home in weeks, and we were looking forward to getting stuff done around the farm, and then it rained and rained and rained.  Instead, we had lovely tea and lunch with some of our neighbours, and discussed the merits of peer pressure.  Peer pressure can encourage folks to do awesome things.  Some of my students are learning how to read, because all of their friends are reading awesome books, and they want to as well.  I can think of lots of times when I had the inclination to do something supremely un-smart, and my friends, some of whom had much greater smart meters than I did, convinced me to do otherwise.  Seeing as my grandmother reads this blog, I will not delve into my un-smartnesses, only to thank any and all of you whose reason surpasses my own, or at least surpassed it at one point.

So there’s this “thing” going around west coast facebook pages these days, called the Winter Challenge.  Basically, someone gets nominated, jumps into really cold water, and then nominates some other folk.  I got nominated.  Essentially, I was being dared to go jump into frigid water.  Normally, I’d be all on board.  But normally, these are things you do WITH your peers (and then you’d drink beers with them and possibly go hang out in the hot tub of some person that you kind of met once, at a party, who said you could use their hot tub, but maybe not at 4 in the morning…), not do because of a dare by your peers over social media.  The whole peer pressure over social media thing strikes me as strange and uncomfortable on a whole lot of levels, but I did it anyways, because jumping into the water is fun, and encouraging others to do the same is fun.  I just hope that we’re thinking about why we do these things.

Spring arrived yesterday.  That also may be why I jumped in the water.  Rain sideways on Saturday, then warmth and sunshine on Sunday.  Thanks goodness.  I don’t know how much more winter I could take.