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Vacation NOW!

I guess I’m on vacation now – it doesn’t really feel like it yet because it’s still the weekend and having these two days off is normal.  That said, I sure haven’t done as many chores as I do most weekends… the house sure isn’t as clean as it is most Sunday afternoons.  But I definitely had more fun than lots of weekends too.  Our neighbour and his band played a show at the Senior’s Hall last night (they even served beer!  how risqué!) and a group of us decided that what the island really is missing is a pub.  So any of you industrious types who are twiddling your thumbs unsure of what to do with all of that entrepreneurial energy – come and start us a pub.  We would like it to be open a minimum of 2 nights a month.  We want beer and music.  We will eat food if it’s cheap and good.  We would rather not pay a cover charge, but we will pay the band if you pass around a hat.  If you convince us to drink lots of beer, we’ll probably pay the band quite well (and maybe we won’t eat for a week or two because of it, but that’s alright as well).

On that note, some people must not have spent all of their money at pub night, because they gave us some of it yesterday.  Although the market was before the pub night, so maybe that should be part of the deal when you start your pub – you’re only allowed to be open AFTER the farmer’s market.  We had peas at the market this week – probably 12 pounds of them – and sold out within the first hour.  We’ll have maybe twice as many next week!  We also have started selling beets and bags of spinach, in addition to lettuce, salad greens, arugula, radishes, kale, chard, and eggs.  We’ll have broccoli next week and should have zucchini in 2 weeks!  The garden is SO abundant right now.  And our flowers are starting to bloom and they’re just so darn pretty.  Jer and I have been talking about farm plan, and more flowers are definitely in our farm plan.  What kind of flowers should we plant?  What kind of flowers would you buy?  Lilies?  Dahlias?  Gerberas?

The end of school was amazing, and I spoke to my principal for next year today – ends up I’m going to be teaching grade 7 instead of grade 6 – awesome b/c I’ve already taught grade 7 so I have most of the lesson plans already done.  Also, the grade 7 classes are usually team taught, and the other fellow is a francophone so doesn’t like teaching English (I LOVE teaching English) and he hates teaching Math (I LOVE teaching Math).  Science is his forte and I HATE teaching Science.  So we’re going to be a good team.  Pretty much I had the best year teaching this year because my kids were amazing and my staff was pretty cool.  Pretty much I’m going to have the best year teaching next year because I’M amazing and I get to teach my dream courses and I’ll have already taught almost all of them before.

Luckiest girl in the world, right here.

Seeds! and more baler twine than you could…

More baler twine than you could shake a stick at?  Than you could use to tie an infinity of sticks together?  18000 feet of baler twine.  Five and a half kilometers of baler twine.  That’s what the lady gave me when I asked for some.  So that’s what I bought.

Our first mail-order seeds arrived today.  Corn and beets and spinach and some heritage tomatoes.  Millicent laid an egg that’s actually edible, although still not very good, but we’re feeding her lots of calcium, and I bought oyster shells (because smashing them ourselves takes a lot of time and they’re cheap to buy pre-smashed) today, so she’ll be getting those pronto too.  We’re giving her 10 days from the first day she gets as many oyster shells as she wants.  If she’s still not doing her duty, Jer’s putting her in the pot.  I’m fighting for her though.

Touche bag

Touchebags, for those of you older than 3 and not in the know, are dirty bags for mashed potatoes.  Our favourite three year old told us so.  It was pretty hard not to laugh.  He was up in this part of the world, because his mom was helping us tile set around our wood stove.  It’s amazing how fast something like a couple of tiles can change a room.  Under our stove before this transformation was a big cement board.  It was UGLY.  Now it’s all of this pretty grey (with specks of orange) slate. The same lovely lady is going to come and help us grout it next weekend, during our Thanksgiving feast fest.

We rearranged our whole kitchen this morning too.  We moved our couch porch inside, and now we have an “orange corner”.  It makes me really happy.  I’m sure some of you aren’t surprised at all.  Apologies for the photo – my computer is telling me that it’s unable to rotate it, and I want to get this post up before we go to town!

Our other big news, which I keep forgetting to mention, is that we built a new bridge!  For those of you that have visited, our old bridge was rather sketchy.  A bunch of the boards were broken, and it was the kind of thing that we probably should have gotten folks to sign waivers before they crossed.  Not anymore!  It’s lovely now, and we’re happy happy about it.

OH!  and I almost forgot!  We borrowed a truck yesterday, and a strong friend from Hornby, and moved a freezer!  A chest freezer!  Our very own chest freezer.  This means that we can start juicing the glut of apples we have, and that we can think about shooting one (or two) of those pesky deer because we have somewhere to put the meat!  It’s so very very exciting…..  We’ve updated our wish list now too, for those of you looking to get rid of things….

Ants, continued.

There were officially less ants today than yesterday. Less than a thousand is still a lot of ants. Jer’s uncle and aunt were here visiting us for a day (and made me feel WAY better after a breakdown on the couch), and have given us some good advice that we are heeding to the best of our ability.

Sawdust in the ceiling.

Supposedly, having a cedar ceiling full of insulation and no drywall between our living room and our bedroom isn’t the best idea. I guess drywall doesn’t burn, and for those of you that don’t know, cedar makes the best kindling. Seeing as we’re going to have a woodstove in our living room one day, we’re taking down the entire ceiling where Jer found the initial ants nest.

Our goal is to get the cedar down, the insulation out, and drywall up before my parents visit on the weekend of August 12th. I’m excited that we’re moving on this project (half of the ceiling has come down in the past 3 hours), but pretty bummed out that it has to be done. It’s going to cost us a couple hundred dollars (or more) and this was the part of the house that we were really hoping not to touch for a few years. However, you don’t get to choose where the ant battles rage on. Or which materials act as fire retardants and which ones go up in a flash.

As a side note, there are ants crawling around the kitchen cleaning up their dead brethren that we’ve stepped on. If these ants weren’t in my own house, they’d be pretty freaking cool. Amazing creatures. DIGGING IN MY HOUSE.

On a happier note, I’ve met a lovely lady from the Denman Spinners and Weavers Guild and hope to go spin with them either this Monday or the next. Our rhubarb has started growing again, and we have tiny tiny tiny yellow zucchinis in our farm garden. Linzy helped us reconfigure our blog, so there’s a tab at the top for our wishlist and another with a little information for visitors.

It will all be okay. Jeremy promised. And this weekend is our anniversary, so he’s REALLY not allowed to lie.

Happy anniversary to us. I’m off to step on some ants.

Pictures and tings!

We just got back from a lovely couple of days on Hornby.  We went over to work at Dan’s farm, where Nora and Lex work, and stayed for a couple of nights!  The sun came out and we had an awesome visit.  Nora’s sister and niece and sister’s boyfriend were there, as well as some other Quadra folk.  Lots of kids and a good time.  Now we’re home and it’s the first HOT day since we’ve been here.  We’re holed up inside, resting and escaping the heat of midday.  Linzy, my oldest Victoria friend, is coming up this week (YAY!) and then Jennifer (Jer’s mom) is coming up again next weekend we think, as well as his aunt and uncle and maybe his cousin and her daughter as well.

Linzy told us that we should have a list of things we need on our blog, so here goes.  These are all things we need, at some time in the future.  If you have an extra, or know someone who does, we would graciously accept any working items on the list!  We’re able to pay something for them, be it money or trades or favours or rhubarb!

  • wheelbarrow/dolly/wagon
  • extension ladder
  • wine glasses
  • gardening tools (ANYTHING! hoes, shovels, rakes, hoses, weeding hand tools, etc.)
  • cedar fence posts and rails
  • lawnmower
  • phones (either cordless or not, as long as they work well – ours is quirky)
  • bookshelves.  I have LOTS of books.
  • a spare bed or bed frame or futon.
  • coffee tables or bedside tables
  • chest freezer
  • TRUCK!
  • food dehydrator
  • and a few kitchen things – a tea strainer, baking bowls, bread pans
  • and help!  time and friends and love.  we all need these things too!

Here’s a couple of pictures from our first few weeks.