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And that, my friends, is a wrap

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That, my dear friends, was a doozie of a farming season.  The last farmer’s market was yesterday; our last CSA box went out on Tuesday.  We just harvested the last of the corn and tomatoes to process for winter, and … Continue reading


Photo post, as promised

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After yesterday’s somewhat lackluster performance, here’s a batch of pictures from most of July.


Off my needles, and a bird heavy (but not heavy bird) post

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It’s been a busy time, what with a trip to Calgary over spring break and the arrival of spring while we were gone.  We left when spring was on the horizon and returned to hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and blossoms.  Plus, … Continue reading


Photo update

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The birds and the bees

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Jer’s sis bought us a fantastic mason bee condo for Christmas, and as of this weekend, we’ve got our first little bee making his home!  Our sole little chick keeps cheep cheeping away, and we went to the Denman Island … Continue reading


Non-naming news

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And now for your non-naming news! 1) We moved our poo shed.  It was starting to get pretty full. 2) We moved our chicken shed.  It has started to frost, and the ladies need more light, so need to be … Continue reading


Things that make me smile and things that make me swear

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Things that have, very recently, made me swear like a treeplanter: stepping on a thumbtack and getting it stuck in the ball of my foot walking into our farm with abe the babe and seeing fresh deer droppings everywhere realizing … Continue reading