Spring came late

Spring took a long time coming in these parts this year.  We’ve been spoiled the past couple of springs with bees and blooms in March and salad in May.  This year we’ve been less spoiled, which was kind of nice because it allowed Jer to feel less guilty for being in the house and not on the farm… but everything changed this week.  For those of you who live on the west coast, you know the weather I’m talking about.  Hot, hot sun.  Lots of it.  Enough to dry out the wet section of the garden, almost overnight.  Jer kicked up dust on the tractor when we went through and tilled it… Dust!  Who knew it was even possible!  Enough to fry the plants that hadn’t been properly hardened off in a matter of hours.  Enough to make the oceans and lakes… bearable?  I say that, although I’m not actually certain.  I tried to go swimming in the ocean last week, but Patryn was having none of it.  Jer got in.  Then we caught colds and the thought of cold water was oh so unpleasant.  But today.  Today we’re going to the beach.  It’s happening.  With potato salad and cold beer and pork chops.

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