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And that, my friends, is a wrap

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That, my dear friends, was a doozie of a farming season.  The last farmer’s market was yesterday; our last CSA box went out on Tuesday.  We just harvested the last of the corn and tomatoes to process for winter, and … Continue reading

The September that wasn’t

It’s a hard thing being a teacher on strike going into September.  It’s a harder thing being a teacher on strike going into September without a job.  I joke about how it means I’m still on summer vacation… and, sure enough, I am.  But it also means that my whole sense of time and rhythm is off.  A significant part of my identity is associated to the profession of teaching, and it sucks not knowing what that’s going to look like this year.  Plus, everyone wants to talk about the strike right now.  Everyone wants to know how I feel about it.  Most of this “everyone” doesn’t know that I don’t have a job, so when I tell them that, whether or not BC teachers are on strike or not doesn’t affect whether I get a new class list and a new group of students, everyone feels a little awkward.

So, to get over the awkward feeling, I’ll show you some pictures from OUR vacation (note: this is the vacation that Jer and I took together, not the vacation that I took by myself.  Note #2: it was awesome.)